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Hp Cartridges- reviev

Ink Catridge HP 10, 11, 88 Under these trays, ink handbags are impregnated with the printing head draws a small amount of ink, about 3 ml, and then it is ejected from the nozzles onto paper. How do the jets. If the ink starts to go, the next serving of ink is drawn into the the the tray and the printing will continue on. If an ink cartridge runs out and the head will able to suck the ink out of it, printer stops and starts only after filling the reservoir and it has been replaced with a new one. Tray can be filled until the has expired time for its suitability of, the so-called expiration. Then they you can not refill the tray. This time does not stop at with the date of consumption, which is printed on the tray, but about 0.5 to one year after that date. If the print of poor quality, this means that some of the nozzles HP ink do not work. This is not caused by the storage tank, but the head printing. This problem can delete the instructions here.

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