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What is the cost of toner : original, replacement or regeneration?

Every year manufacturers release a new printer models in an increasingly available prices.

The problem appears when we're out of ink or toner.
It turns out that buying a new cartidge means quite a lot to purchase, comparable to the purchase of a new printer.
Buyers don't perform device operating rates.
While most people purchase price is suggested the device.
 Buying printers is a one-time expenditure, but over the years using we take into account the higher costs buing new inks, toners.

Hewlett Packard (HP) is a leader in the industry printing devices.
This company has the reputation and quality and also the exorbitant price.
Many people after exhausted ink or laser toner probably wonders if it's worth the original purchase a ink, toner and widely Alternative

For example, the popular  1010, 1020, 1022 (Q2612A):

    original toner price ranges from 75euro
    replacement rate is about 25euro,
    recovery rate is about 20euro

Manufacturers and obey frighten customers before buying, regeneration carcass toner cartridges dedicated to recommending only.

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