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how refill ink cartridge- 1part

Anyone who uses the printer after some time reflecting on the possibility of reducing the cost of the printer or MFP. One of the ways is to replenish the ink in containers device / printer. The prices of these inks are different and there are no big differences in price for a package of three 20ml color ink * and 2 * 20ml for black ink. In general, for each packet are included plastic gloves, three needles 1mm, manual filling containers with ink and the ink itself is a plastic syringe with a capacity of 20ml. Sorry but the instructions are not very well written and there may be some problems with understanding. Example, not everyone knows that: Turquoise - Blue is the shade of green that is not a pure blue color (C-cyan). Red - Red is a strong color shade of the cherry (M-Magenta). Yellow - is a strong bile tinged with bronze (Y-Yellow). Even in spite of that they indicate what color where the container in which it is located, but not always, this information is accurate. He filled container (photo below) as a result of an error in the manual filling a container with three compartments colored with a different color than what is actually there. And so, instead of into the ink yellow (Y-Yellow), poured / completed the ink of blue that came out of it ran off instead of yellow to green.

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