niedziela, 21 kwietnia 2013

ink cartridge refill -part.4

Explanation of the signs point A vent holes, point B / grooves allow air to and from the chamber of the ink, the point C, the approximate place where you can make extra holes to refill cartridge / ink chambers. Pasting a sticker on the box to try to label did not obscured these longitudinal grooves because they get up and leak from the air into the container / chamber cartridges. Covering the oteory so effectively that the air from the chamber / container will not be small any traffic to and from the chamber / container faild action head and what goes nozzles do not get the right amount of ink to print (or to application of a drop of ink on paper) and will is that the temperature of the mold will permanently clog the nozzle or permanent damage to the head. Then the container is suitable only. I hope that in a friendly way generally sketched how to replenish the ink in containers and especially in those with more than one color of ink.

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